Hope is such a fickle thing,
It cannot be denied.
Despair allows no bickering,
It cannot be defied.

Over seas of endless storms,
I row my boat alone.
The pain will come in endless forms
To turn dreams into stone.

Hope is such a fickle thing,
It’s driven me insane.
I’ve long run out of songs to sing,
There’s no more blood to drain.


Another summer is about to pass me by,
Just love still lingers where the oceans die;
And every word now has to be assumed a lie –
Let go of hope, for you have long bled dry.


If I were dead tomorrow,
Your heart would skip no beat;
You’d not be full of sorrow,
But full of joy and heat.

If I were dead tomorrow,
You’d sit out in the sun;
No tears would ever follow,
If I were so undone.

I loved you like no other,
My heart now cold and hollow;
For you would never bother
If I were dead tomorrow.

Cupboard Poetry

The other day, I visited a friend of mine who has bits of words on his cupboards. Most of the words and syllables provided suggested sexual topics, so I tried to come up with something more lyrical. This was the result:  

What Do You Know

Wherever I go,
The shadows will follow.
And what do you know,
In filth you will wallow.

At heart and in mind,
You haunt my tomorrows,
You’re one of a kind:
The source of my sorrows.

I dream of the sea
To drown my frustration:
Its only decree
Is breed desperation.

Wherever I go,
The shadows will cry fear.
Yet what do you know
Who left me to die here.


Memories of days gone by
Are here to haunt for ever:
The essence of a seagull’s cry
Between right now and never.

Memories of days long past
Return to stalk the shadows:
A heart is nailed to each ship’s mast
With blood in streams and meadows.

Memories of days long gone
Add fuel to these fires:
They tell a story, once upon
A time of void desires.


It used to be a passion,
So vivid and so bright –
I liked to be on fire.
But now it is
Just an embarrassment
To think of it
In retrospect.
And if someone asks me,
All I have to say is,
‘I don’t even know
What you’re talking about.’