Last Ride

Take me for a dead man’s ride:
The hours pass us by,
Howling bright of purest light,
And never to be shy.

Again, this nightmare draw the path
We shall tread in fear;
Shadows looming large and dark,
Dead voices whisper here.

Let us steal the Tree of Time:
Thus night and day be ours.
Eerie creep the chants of thyme –
What breatheth it devourth.

My friend, our fate hath long been seal’d:
We had better run.
They will break us on the wheel
Before the early sun.

Sing along with me a song,
Compos’d before our births;
Proving our guilt so strong –
Our memories unearth’d.

Let us climb the Tree of Space:
We can only flee.
If we do not lose the race,
For ever we can be.


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