From the Book of Broken Wings, Chapters II and III:

Chapter II
On every sunny day in your life, there lies a shadow over everything like an invisible dark veil. It is the reality of life lying in wait, eager to consume itself time and again so as to reverse your experience. There is nothing free in life: the price of a smile is a thousand tears, the price of true love is a broken heart, the price of trust is a knife in your back. Regardless of what you are, what you do, and where you go, whom you love or hate, the shadow shall catch up with you. In the end, the darkside always wins.

Chapter III
I have lived through the horrors of endless nightmares, I have been broken to the core and built myself up from the ground again, I have been drifting apart into endless nothingness, I have seen and heard everything there is to see and hear. But if there be one thing left for me to do, then it will be to open up my heart and let the endless love which dwells therein explode so as to chase away the dark spot in your eyes for a single moment of grandeur before darkness shall finally conquer me and enfold me in its cold embrace for ever.


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