Secret Messages

Ending day of shadows raining.
Life runs out of you and me.
Long enough my blood kept draining
Into stormy eyes to see.

Drowning in the sees of dawning,
On and on, no help in sight.
No hand reacheth me, no morning,
Till the last of hopes hath died.

Pity is not what I’m craving;
Lies of yours I do not need.
Act as thou feel, don’t keep waiving;
Yesterday was long to bleed.

Whilst I stand here, casting wonders,
In a manner none can do;
Thou tread in the land of thunders,
Heart and mind are broken, too.

Messages we send in bottles;
Ending this is overdue.

All cats be grey in the dark, they say. But is this a bad trade of the dark, or is it rather a good one? One minute we fear the dark, for we cannot see properly and therefore fear not to recognize people for what they truely be; the next we fear the light, exactly because we fear to recognize people for what they truely be. Love can be the most valuable thing in a human’s life, although it neither gains one any property nor makes for a living. To walk on these paths, however, is to tread on a knife edge, with the outcome, it seems, a random gamble. You never know on which side of the edge you will end up. Throughout history, romance gone wrong has been a strong enough reason for people of both sexes to commit suicide. In less severe cases, it has led to mental depression, financial loss up to insolvency, apathy, or total indifference as to all other events in the world. Of course, one can recover from heartbreak, but after each time a heart has been broken, no one involved will ever be the same again. And while one minute the past appears to be totally out of reach with respect to its enlightened moments, the very next its dark sides may overshadow both the present and the future.
If I found someone, however, both worthy of my love and willing to take on the challenge – for it is a challenge to endure the ceaseless stream of my love –, I should live it to the fullest, nonetheless. You can trust me, after all, though, that the burden of dealing with my endless love would be made up for by the worlds I should disclose to you.


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