As I lay dead in my head,
offshore by the riverbed,
cast asunder, as I bled,
I went to the heart of dread:

Meet me here in speechless fear,
good advice is all but clear,
take it up and run, my dear,
shed some night by dry-eyed tears.

Cold as shivers run the rivers,
on your eyes you feel the quivers,
all in all, what truth delivers
is the fleshless nonforgiver.

Spare me not, for I shall rot,
steal my breath – nay, take the lot,
stab me to complete the plot,
eat me from inside, my bot.

Beware, ye standing before this portal to the realm of shadows ye are about to enter! For those who dare tread on these paths may neither return nor ever be the same again. Should ye decide to trade the world as ye know it for what hath been unbeknownst to you so far, the deal shall be final. For your eyes shall be gorged out by the recognition of the falsehoods ye used to believe, and be replaced by the light of the Dog Star. Thus, ye shall see some truths, but also falsehoods, for no light ever is a guarantee of enlightening the whole of darkness. Be your choice careful and well-considered! Speak now unto the portal the words of your true desire.


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