Curse Humankind

Woke up in my grave today
I dreamed I heard you say
All of eternity was pain
I laid my head back down again


Out of the night comes a song that I know
Twisted and ruined and black
I can remember the people they were
Nobody knows if they ever come back

Lost in the ashes of time they still sting
Echoes of romance gone bad
I can remember them better than you
I shared the nightmare they had


(Motörhead: ‘Dead and Gone’; We Are Motörhead, CMC International, 2000)

When you see the devil, then you’re looking for relief
And there is no justice, keep your tongue between your teeth
You can be the devil, but you cannot count the cost
All your time is wasted, all your love is lost

The name, the name’s the same
The name – play the game

You can never be the one, you can never be the one
When you know all your love is gone


You will never know the truth, you will never know the truth
We both know you will never look

What you have is yours, my friend
You will never see the end
All your future gone to hell
All your past and empty shell

You can’t keep your secret self
Safe inside a broken shelf
You are not the Antichrist
You are not the Lord of Flies

You are not important now
You are not the one to dread
Everybody, everybody

The name, the name’s the game

(Motörhead: ‘Wake the Dead’; We Are Motörhead, CMC International, 2000)

Politics suck, you’ll be shit out of luck
If you ever mess with the methods they use
No way to doubt, three strikes you’re out
You against them, it’s your freedom you lose

Nobody questions the law
Nobody questions the man
Nobody cares ‘cos nobody knows where
We go to so we can kick out the jams

Hey what the hell, you know yourself well
Get back to your honor and pride
Time for some slamming, time for some jamming
Take us away from the snare of their lies


We’re on the run, we’re under the gun
Sneaking and hiding away from the sun
Breaking the law, don’t know what for
Our generation is made up of whores

Get out of town, get out of jail
Nobody here gonna make us our bail
Don’t really care that my life isn’t fair
Hard on your head in the electric chair

Out of your mind, deaf, dumb, and blind
Don’t know how people can be so unkind
Grown up too soon, grown up too soon
Too many wolves looking up at the moon

(Motörhead: ‘(Wearing Your) Heart On Your Sleeve’; We Are Motörhead, CMC International, 2000)

There is no escape. Feed the machine, or be fed to it. Of course, you can turn over the system. You can turn it over indefintely. But the course of history proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that, in the end, the status quo will always be restored, regardless of whatever precautions you may take. The problem is not that it were impossible per se to build another world. The problem is that the majority of humankind is easily fooled and contents itself with the little it is sometimes given by the wealthy and powerful. Most people are easily lulled to sleep and into a false sense of security. They easily and soon get tired of thinking for themselves and fighting against opposing powers. Thus, step by step, the status quo can be restored each time the system is turned over. Let it therefore echo from the pillars of time through all of history, both past, present, and future, that I feel nothing save contempt for humankind.


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