Three Short Notes on Free Will, Tax Evasion, and ACTA

If free will existed, it would soon be branded by Google, Facebook, and Apple, making all your decisions for you. Then they would have everyone who refused to let them make his or her decisions for him or her arrested because of copyright infringement. Eventually, they would sue one another, each claiming to have invented free will – especially its design – first.

Not only American and British politics suck. Germany and Switzerland openly argue whose crimes weigh more: those of the country which covers for tax evaders (Switzerland), or those of the country which sends spies to find said tax evaders whom it plans to excuse by law in the near future, anyway (Germany).

Meanwhile, the long shadow of ACTA is upon us again. Instead of the case being taken to the European Court of Justice as promised, which would postpone its possible enactment at least about a year, its enactment is scheduled to be decided in about ten weeks. Enjoy (the remains of) your freedom as it (they) still lasts (last). Enjoy the ride:


3 thoughts on “Three Short Notes on Free Will, Tax Evasion, and ACTA

  1. A) I really don’t see those companies taking my decisions away, but of course, I can’t say anything about a world in which free will would exist.
    B) To me, it’s easy, but that’s because I don’t recognize the legitimacy of tax claims.

    • ad A) The joke actually conflates Apple suing Samsung because of something which cannot be copyrighted with the misled debate about free will because of differing and instable concepts of said term.

      ad B) I know, and you know that I disagree. Positive about intellectual disagreements: no threats of violence or condemnation to fiery places are exchanged.

    • A) Just to be sure: I got that. I just thought I sensed something more in there. Sorry if I misconstrued your innuendo.

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