Three Lessons I Recently Learnt

Lesson #1:
It is not possible for me to manage two weblogs in parallel. As some of my readers may remember, I started a new weblog solely written in English a few months ago so as to publish my writings for both German and English readers. I hardly have the time to manage one weblog, however. As a consequence, I shall shut down the other weblog and instead concentrate fully on my original weblog.

Lesson #2:
The German political party Die Piraten (The Pirates) likes to run an election campaign with ambiguous – or even incomplete – phrases just as well as other parties. When I was riding home on my bicycle from today’s market, I saw an election poster by Die Piraten claiming, ‘Du bist systemrelevant’ (‘You are relevant for the system’). Well, evidently this applies to everyone, but, alas, in very different respects. For most people on Earth, this actually means that they are relevant for the capitalistic system as exploitable workers; for most people in the Western countries, this means that they are relevant for the capitalistic system as consumers; only for a tiny minority it means that they can influence what happens and becomes.
This ambiguity reminds me of the Christian Democratic Union’s (CDU’s) ‘Wir haben die Kraft’ (‘We have the power’), the German equivalent of the American ‘Yes, we can’. What are these phrases actually supposed to mean? Well, everything and nothing, which is indeed a great strategy, for everyone can interpret the phrases as saying what they would like them to say. The problem is that this is at best nonsensical, and at worst cynical.

Lesson #3:
Nowadays, nothing will be repaired at the local store. When I bought my iPhone a few weeks ago, I bought a protective cover made of leather with it. On both upper sides, there were magnets holding the front cover to the iPhone’s surface. When I removed the entire protective cover so as to clean the iPhone from dust which had gathered at its corners, the rightern corner of the protective cover broke and the magnet flew around the room. I have not found it to this day. Therefore, today I went to the local store where I bought both the iPhone and the protective cover in order to have it either repaired or replaced right away. The shop assistant told me that all he could do would be to send the protective cover back to the manufacturer so as to ask for a replacement at the firm’s expense. Really?


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