Obama vs Romney: The War for Popularity Lacks Substance and Truth

Yesterday, the third and last presidential debate took place. What I think of these, I made clear in my latest article but this one. In this last debate, however, the crap both candidates produced with their mouths reached new hights. They indeed talked so much bullshit that I do not even know where to start with my criticisms. I shall just pick out those aspects that bothered me the most.
First, Obama contended that the United States of America, thus referring to the government, of course, had stabilized Egypt and helped the country to get a democratic government. Wrong. Egypt is far from being either a stable or democratic country. On the contrary, the military grasped the reigns of power when the old government was sent to hell and has not let go of them ever since. Furthermore, the United States of America has supported dictators and anti-democratic groups wherever possible – not only in Egypt but in many countries around the world – in order to ensure that everything accords to its own economic interests. It is simply outrageous now to claim that it had had anything to do with the movements to bring down the old regime(s).
Second, Obama contended that the greatest threat to the United States of America were and would continue to be terrorism. As I pointed out in my latest article but this one, there has indeed been no detectable activity of organzied terrorism within the United States of America for eleven years. Instead, the CIA recruits would-be terrorists and then ‘catches’ and ‘arrests’ them. The fact of the matter is that this pretended threat of terrorism is used as an excuse to restrict or even abolish basic democratic rights
Third, both Obama and Romney agreed that the United States of America would, no matter what, always stand with Israel. First of all, it is not the United States of America that stands with Israel; it is the government of the United States of America that stands with the government of Israel. And second, Israel’s government, especially under Benjamin Netanjahu, terrorizes both its own populace and the Palestinians, as it terrorizes and threatens its neighbour countries.
Fourth, Romney accused China of not playing by the rules. Let me get this straight. The rules he referred to are a free market without any limits, so that the Capital can expand its wealth indefinitely, while workers and employees get poorer by the day. But now that China does the same thing and may well outdo the United States of America in the near future, this is bad. Yes, that makes perfect sense, Governor. This is the same imperialist behaviour that the European Union, particularly Germany, demonstrates these days. The excuse for aggression and destruction is always the same: human rights. Yet for decades, no one cared for human rights, so long as Western economic interests were preserved.
Above all, my major criticism remains, of course. None of the candidates said anything about how, exactly, they want to achieve their aims. It does not suffice to say that one wants to bring about this or that, for if one lacks the means to one’s ends, the entire endeavour will be idle.


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