Social Fund to Grant Young People Jobs in Europe

If I had not heard it myself in the news, I should not believe it. Now there has been suggested a European social fund in order to grant young people jobs. In other words, instead of employers’ employing young people and paying their salaries, employers are to be paid for employing young people, while salaries are to be paid by the taxpayers. Instead of making especially those that make the highest profits employ people and pay those they already (or still) employ their fair share of the profits created by their hard work, the few people still paying taxes are supposed to pay the salaries for young people, while shareholders pocket the profits.
This suggestion is beyond cynical. I consider it outrageous. How can anyone have the audacity to suggest such a thing? Older people with no money are supposed to pay the salaries of younger people in order to create jobs from which especially the richest people profit? This makes me sick.
Divide et impera (divide and rule) – a principle that apparently never fails.


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