There is a lot of time, but seldom enough for writing and thus, in due course, for updating this weblog – or so it would seem. Still, I am not going to deactivate it, although I was shocked when I noticed that my last post dates from the end of June 2014. I have not been working on anything specific over the past couple of months, since I have been busy teaching and writing a paper long overdue.

I also removed a link, namely that to Ariana Grande’s YouTube channel. I did this because I am disappointed in the way her work and music have developed. I do not care about rumours about her person, but I do care about the music, and quite frankly, I think it has become shallow. I used to have great hopes for her because of her voice, but her music has gone in the wrong direction for my personal taste.

For the future, I hope I shall be able to work on short stories and poems again, including their publication on this weblog.

Bear with me, if you would.



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