Thoughts Concerning Human Non-Understanding

Nothing is definite, but these days, it seems, many people are defiant. If we took this seriesly, how many episodes should we have to watch?  I wonder, furthermore, whether we should have to take the arrival of the new ‘your – you’re’ (k) in Old York into account. For who’s to say whose idea it was to say that they’re staying there during their holidays?

Regardless, in the United States of America’s attempt to create a definite world order, they keep encountering unexpected defiance by the primitive, communist, homosexual barbarians (all non-American peoples in the world). Apparently, the ingenious underestimated the ingenuous, although applying the concept of innocence to either side would, at least for my money, be nonsense. You get a rapper for 50 cents, but sadly, only a dollar or more will save a child’s life. Unserious attempts in series to do so are legion. In other words, all attempts to change the world – and especially the human condition – in a positive manner have been either illegitimate or hindered by legislation. Legal corruption to a society’s core whose core principle consists in burying the answer to the question, ‘Who’s who?’, under a mountain of public apathy, assissted by a pathetic horde of mindless zombies worshipping the demigod irrelevancy. Their sermons are everywhere, here, there, and they’re not going to stop there till their infestation drowns the voice of conscience beneath the towers of death and despair which support the tops of abundance and decadence.

Where eating is a sin and not eating a disorder, where fake and fact become synonymous, where shallowness surpasses personality in esteem, happiness is sacrificed at the altar of conformity. – And we acceptantly pay the price.


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