Falling in Love Then and Now

If you fall in love with someone who already belongs to someone else, it will always seem like the end of the world. The older you grow, the more likely you will be to realize that this is not the case, although it will continue to feel the same way.
Personally, I do not fall in love as easily as I used to when I was younger. But perhaps this is exactly the reason for which I notice it sooner. From a physiological standpoint, falling in love is a kind of intoxication. I feel the blood run to my head and I get all enthusiastic, yet I still manage to concentrate on what is said in a conversation, including those with the woman with whom I am in love. Trust me, this is far better than the way it used to be. Even a decade ago, I would feel dizzy and be unable to concentrate on anything that was said in a conversation. Maybe this is just a sign for a maturer kind of falling in love. When you are young, everything is new and exciting, but at the same time confusing and more or less overtaxing. When you grow older, however, you still feel the excitement, but your emotions cannot and will not run wild and out of control as easily – unless you allow them to, of course. You just learn to control them to a degree, and I perceive this as encouraging rather than disillusioning, let alone disappointing.
Am I the only one?


2 thoughts on “Falling in Love Then and Now

  1. I’ve met lots of people whose level of engagement in their romantic relationships has yet to be toned down by their age or time. The intoxication feels as heavy as when they were younger and emotions still get out of control.

    I belong to the group of people above even though I’m much older now, which means I must not be different at all from the girl I used to be. But what I have noticed and am thankful for is the realization I seem to get over heartbreaks much sooner at this stage in my life.

    Falling in love with someone who already belongs to someone else feels pretty much like hell, I highly agree. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for your time and comment. I assume that by ‘ I must not be different at all from the girl I used to be’ you mean ‘I cannot be (much) different from the girl I used to be’. Correct me if otherwise, please.
    I am in doubt now, that is to say, in retrospect, that ‘belong to’ was the correct expression on my part. A person cannot really belong to another unless you believe in fate or slavery, and I believe in neither. Even if you believe in slavery, while you may own a person’s body and working force, you cannot own their thoughts and feelings – at least not yet. Who knows what humans may come up with to enslave one another all over again (and, even more dreadful, to an extend yet undreamt of). But let us not be too pessimistic.

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