Video Game Developer Studio The-Player-Always-Wins and Publisher You-Never-Lose Face Law Suit for Challenging Players

June 13th, 2035

The video game developer studio The-Player-Always-Wins as well as the publisher You-Never-Lose are about to face a law suit on charges of their latest game’s posing an actual challenge to the player. Several severely traumatized victims claimed to have encountered enemies in the game that would resist and even kill their character instead of letting them win. In fact, this kind of expectation was acknowledged as properly justified and therefore enforced by law in 2025. According to the law, developers are by no means to pose any kind of challenge to the player in a video game. Instead, the player needs to be able to walk through the game without any kind of resistence, and none of the player’s actions are to have any kind of consequences.
According to a speaker, The-Player-Always-Wins are looking into the issue and promised to remedy the situation as soon as possible by reprogramming the AI to make enemies drop their weapons, lie down, and wait to be slaughtered on sight of the player. Another option, so the speaker, would be to make the enemies commit mass suicide on sight of the player, while the latter would still get experience points.
Furthermore, the programmer who had put the challenges in the game was terminated immediately. When he was questioned by the police why he had put challenges into the game, he claimed that over twenty years ago, video games had actually been supposed to challenge the player. He now receives psychological help, while it remains unclear yet whether he is simply delusional or suffering from psychosis.


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