From the Lost Notes of the Deep Dweller’s Shipyard [Fragment #2]

One day, it will all mean nothing. Everything we have done, everything we have suffered; the joy we have shared, the misery we have endured; the smiles we have cracked, the tears we have shed; the purity of our intentions, and the compromise of our deeds; our gains and losses; victory and defeat; hope instilled by desire, and despair caused by disappointment; eagerness and laziness; heroic actions and villainous crimes; our thoughts and writings; our knowledge and secrets – meaningless.
For we are not going to any other world; the good are not rewarded in heaven, the bad are not punished in hell; our existence as a species is insignificant; in the big picture, it all means nothing.
And thus, the only purpose is the one that we create, here and now. There is no extrinsic meaning, no giver of an overall purpose; no gods and no cosmic conscience; beyond the veil lies only non-existence.

My love for you is pure regardless.


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