From the Lost Notes of the Deep Dweller’s Shipyard [Fragment #3]

I cannot recall any parting with someone upon good terms; in fact, each parting has left a taste of bitterness and repentence, and there have been moments where I used to crave nothing more than revenge, there have been times when I was convinced that the purity of my contempt must never be comprimised. Even though, however, revenge is, contrary to what people say, one of the sweetest things to have in the world, what would it matter now? All the faces and the names associated with them have faded into obscurity over the years, though still do they linger somewhere in the corners of my memory; they are no longer part of my life, though they keep haunting my dreams. I do not even know where you are right now, how you have been, whether you are even still alive. All I can say is that if you should come across this, I want to thank you for the good times we had and that I forgive you.

With this in mind, here is to us with (one of the many recorded versions of) the notorious Irish traditional:


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