From the Lost Notes of the Deep Dweller’s Shipyard [Fragment #5]

It is not only a shame but outright torture that I must not tell you how I really feel about you. In a perfect world, I could and should without hesitation or second thoughts, yet in this imperfect world, I must refrain from doing so for fear of losing your interest.
Neither am I desperate to be loved, nor am I dissatisfied with my life in general. I just think and, more importantly, feel that you would be the perfect addition to it, the proverbial icing on the cake. I simply wish for us to be able to be together and enjoy being close to each other. It feels a bit as though one liked black tea with milk and honey, but despite having all of the aforementioned in the house, did not combine them because they were kept in different places. For you and I go together like milk and chocolate, peanut and butter, honey and moon, open and air, bow and string, music and Al,tomb and stone, guts and gore, death and decay… Well, I apparently got carried away a little there at the end, but my point stands. To tell a long story short, I do not need you, but I want you.
Unfortunately, you may never get to know this. Just in case I die before you do, I leave this note in a place where someone should find it, so you may receive it. Please do not die before I do.


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