From the Lost Notes of the Deep Dweller’s Shipyard [Fragment #8]

Fragile yet remains our connection, but I have begun to warm to you; I hate to admit it, but I care about you – and this may very well be my downfall. Regardless, I cannot help it, the light in me is too strong to be ignored. I do not know what to either think or say any more because over the years, I have come to call into question the very essence of questions relating to what anyone deserves, holds dear, or values. Metaphors are tempting because they fascinate us by making us think we understand something we do not. They can be beautiful but also misleading, for which reason I shy away from using them in this context. All answers given over the course of human history to questions of value are at best unsatisfactory and at worst useless because they assume that which is called into question: If there are no extrinsic laws and law givers, no one ever deserves anything, regardless of their actions, and their values, regardless of their content, are void – or so it would seem at first sight.
Yet if there are no extrinsic laws and law givers, this still does not prevent us from determining values that apply to us and our lives in a meaningful manner. This, however, requires a lot of informed thinking, the opposite, that is, of traditional ways of ‘knowing’ the world. With respect to this, at least, our constant frenemy, the sceptic, can be repelled by pointing out that we do not need knowledge of everything in every possible respect in order to know what will objectively be good – mostly translating to ‘healthy’ – for us. More people may come to realize this, if ever, when at some possible point in the future, we stop fighting among ourselves over petty matters and would rather improve everyone’s condition instead of causing more suffering than everyone already has to go through.
Returning to you, as I tend to do, I do not care about you in some petty fashion, not in some superficial manner relating to your looks or your wealth or whatever else advantage I may take of you. We connect, not on a ‘deeper level’, as they say, but in a simple yet wonderful way: the way of sentient living beings.


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