From the Lost Notes of the Deep Dweller’s Shipyard [Fragment #9]

I know I am alone – not physically, of course, there are always people around me, mostly those I cannot stand. Yet in my mind, I am alone, encapsulated like a goldfish in a glass. But then again, the goldfish cannot move far in either direction, and that is where we differ. For I can move to any side without any restrictions – if the term ‘movement’ can possibly be applied in a sensible manner in infinite space, that is. Nothing and no-one ever reaches me here, for better or worse, I cannot tell. Yet while I may just be under an illusion whenever I believe I am moving, it would not be all that bad after all if I could tear through the veil and establish and maintain a connection – any kind of connection, really – to you, because I do care about you even in this endless void that engulfs me like a never-ending star- and moonless night. I need neither light nor guide, but a fraction of your essence would fill enough of this space to leave me content.


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