Love and Steel

She knows no pity, knows no bounds:
To torture me appears to give her pleasure;
She teases me again just for good measure;
And while I crawl towards the light
Originating from the window pane,
A former source of endless night,
A song starts playing, driving me insane –
Her laughs and cries are dreadful sounds.

She looks at me with great distaste:
She holds me in contempt, tremendous passion;
Prepares with gruesome care the torture session;
And while I scream in awful pain
Originating from her torture tool,
A sparkle gives away the flame
That still keeps burning in this lovesick fool –
She spits her anger in my face.

She wants to break me on the wheel:
Her look condemns me to another hell;
The ninth world holds the darkest prison cell;
And while I suffer all her hate
Originating from her burning rage,
I know what to anticipate,
The essence of this very day and age –
She has a heart of stone cold steel.


2 thoughts on “Love and Steel

  1. This “She”, when did you encounter her first?

    I penned this after reading your poem:

    She loved it when I needed sympathy,
    And she feigned lending a shoulder to lean on.
    There she left me to suffer in misery,
    And I played victim, bound in her chains.
    But she seemed to have forgotten,
    That she was just a guest, and I the host.
    Lest in her prison I remained rotten,
    The rainbow behind that window pane needed chasing,
    At all costs.


    • I am not sure how to answer your question. ‘In a nightmare’ is the first thing that comes to my mind, although it does pertain to slightly more than that.

      That which you have written seems quite adequate to me, in any event. I like it, as much, as least, as one may like that which has been spun from one’s nightmares.

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