The Essence of Poetry

Not all of the poetry that a poet writes is necessarily autobiographical, or even taken from real life. The words may come in an unexpected instant and in an unexpected manner, like a sudden illness or the sudden cure thereof. If not written down, the words will vanish, as though they had never existed in the first place; if written down, however, they will manifest that which lacks any other sort of expression, sometimes straightforward, but more often weird and bewildering, always remaining half-hidden behind the veil of night, a fog that will leave one dizzy and sometimes nauseous at best.
But then again, all that a poet feels is real, it is the only ever working powerful, invigorating energy that fuels their engine. Yet it is a destructive force at the same time, so that a poet can never tread carefully, for their creative and destructive forces are one and the same. If they run out of fuel, they will fall silent for a long while, burnt up and out, exhausted. After a trip of creative writing, there will be nothing left, only loneliness and emptiness remain, the crops have been harvested, the killing ground has been hunted out, the village has been burnt to the ground, and the earth has been salted.
That which a poet feels is a burning passion, an uncontrollable fire, flames of agonizing heat that will burn every reason within the blink of an eye. And when the emotions reach a culminating point, the poet’s downfall will ensue. That which fuels them, keeps them alive, drives them onwards, will be their undoing.
And for this reason, a poet will always suffer. Always.


3 thoughts on “The Essence of Poetry

    • If it does provide comfort, that is to say; sometimes I doubt even the point in this. I do what I do mostly for the sake of others; I like helping people, but often enough, I find myself unable to do even this – or anything, for that matter.

    • Having a good heart , helping heart matters…. A lot than anything about being a human 🙂

      Its good to know …. Even good people exists in the world :p

      Keep it up 🙂

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