A Musical Recommendation: Lisa Hannigan

Exploring the music produced by the UCD Choral Scholars under Desmond Early brought me to exploring the music played by Zoë Conway and Drew McIntyre. Similarly, exploring the music played by the latter made me discover Lisa Hannigan’s music. Lisa is an Irish singer-songwriter and has a very light and free demeanour, while at the same time her music is somewhat unconventional and she performs it passionately, without any artificial flavour. I wish to share this experience with you today with a small selection of videos:


4 thoughts on “A Musical Recommendation: Lisa Hannigan

    • I am glad you like it. It has been too long since I explored music for something new I may like; we live within the limits of routine and seldom acknowledge that these restraints are neither necessary nor insurmountable.

    • Yeah! Dats ryt.

      Man needs music though : ))
      Life is busy always : p its not going give time: p so its good to take time :p for music! : ))

    • I think – or perhaps I should rather say: I feel – that not only do we not take our time often enough, but we also fail to make enough time for things – and more prominently: people – important to us. We spend so much time with wasting our energy on futile endeavours, such as pondering that which someone else may think or feel with regard to us without exploring that which they do think and feel with regard to us by simply talking to and spending time with them. Making time may not always be easy, but it is definitely worth one’s while.

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