I Know

I know (you)
You do not believe
Believe me
Me if not anyone else
Elsewhere in the world

Worlds of endless night
Nights of myriads of stars
Starring you
You do not believe
Believe me, I know (you)

I put this together this morning. I do not know (no pun intended) what to make of it, but it feels right the way it is, so I shall leave it alone. I put the word ‘you’ in lines one and ten in parentheses because I speak it as a whisper in both cases. The word is still an essential part of the poem, though.
I pondered the question whether I should use punctuation; I eventually decided against doing so, even though it meant breaking with my habit, because it felt as though punctuation would hinder the flow of the words in this particular case.


7 thoughts on “I Know

    • I will. I haven’t had the time to because of school. But I’m ready to dig through your beautiful pieces 🙃. I’m on break for Easter.

    • I look forward to your thoughts, then.
      I used to like school when I was young, but then I was disillusioned. Perhaps this is a reason for which I like teaching so much.

    • English and German, but I will have to get a certificate if I want to continue. I studied philosophy and history, but am a fluent speaker and writer of English as well. Unfortunately, they would prefer someone less competent who has a certificate certifying that they can do that which they cannot and which I am already providing for little money. I do not have much of a choice, it would seem.

    • That’s quite disappointing.But your situation will change soon. Keep teaching at your very best. I wish I studied those subjects. I am an Engineering student. It literally takes all your time. One day I’d like to learn German 🙂

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