At the falling of a needle,
I try not to think of you,
As the mem’ries come to wheedle,
Fond and gentle through and through.

I know well that this is folly,
Not to think of you is fudge;
You, my reason to be jolly,
Make me laugh until I trudge.

Sometimes I can not help thinking
That you do not think of me.
Then my mood will soon start sinking,
Unbeknownst to you, I flee.

I just wish to make you happy,
My heart beats above all pride,
If you, little bird, feel flappy,
I shall have to step aside.


4 thoughts on “Flappy

    • I chose it in the sense of the words coming to me in this manner. I usually just start out with a phrase or sentence that comes to my mind and then work out everything else in a similar manner.
      I cannot say that I am particularly pleased with this one, but then again, if I allowed my perfectionism to determine what to publish, I should most probably never have published anything.
      I share your sentiment, though; it somewhat feels the same way to me.

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