Dear reader,

This weblog has had its fair share of phases of total inactivity, and again it has not seen anything posted by its author, that is by me, in a long while because I have not been doing well. Of course I am not going into any detail here. The question is simply whether I even wish to continue maintaining this weblog, since I have always felt that my thoughts are at best only of minor interest to its readers. But then again, this may only be my subjective, selective perception heavily influenced by my recurrent depression. As of now, I have not reached any final conclusion as to the matter.
What little creativity I could manage has gone into musical compositions; apart from this, I have not written a single word of creative work. I feel both emotionally and intellectually exhausted, devoid of sense and purpose. I cannot think of anything else to say right now.

So long,



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  1. People go through such phases. I hope you’re able to do something about the depression which in this day can be somehow relieved in a number of ways. Stay strong and reach out to others if you can. I wish you well and I also hope to read something from you again soon. Warm Regards.

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