The Meaning of Death and Judgement

In the darkness that surrounds us when we are all alone with ourselves, there is only silence. All the mirrors are black, and whatever voices we may seem to hear are but echoes from the past long turned to ashes. We call them memories, yet that which we remember is not that which came to pass, but only a conglomerate of fractions put together according to our wishes. Sometimes we find comfort in the lies we keep telling ourselves time and again till we almost believe them ourselves. More often than not, however, those of use with a strong conscience will be haunted by the past and deliberate falsehoods for the rest of their lives. They may not always surface, it is easy to forget momentarily, but in the end, they will catch up with us again. The bitterest of moments are those in which we consciously realize how often we have failed the truth, and thus both others and ourselves to an equal degree. And though it may not matter in the grand scheme of things, as we shall perish from this existence for all eternity after a considerably short amount of time that we measure both by that which surrounds us and the manner we feel inside, it does matter for exactly this amount of time.
Death is the end of all things, but not all things are death. Religions and metaphysics in a broader sense draw the wrong conclusion from this in that they claim to provide comfort in providing hope of an afterlife, meaning that death is meaningless and life will continue for ever more. They are wrong in this conclusion, as death is not a threat but the absolution from sins against others and ourselves alike, which they maintain only life can provide. But if there were eternal life, there would never be an end to sin, there would be no end to mistakes and lies. Our burden dissolves into nothingness with the consciousness carrying it. With this, the necessity of a judge falls as well, and thus, no gods are required. By the time we die, if we have lived at all, that is, we have been judged a million times, and only a consciousness capable of exceeding arrogance and extreme self-importance would aspire to eternal judgement.


2 thoughts on “The Meaning of Death and Judgement

    • Danke! Wenn Du es aber doch verstehst, warum sollte ich es auf Deutsch schreiben? Allerdings wäre es bei der Kürze des Textes weniger problematisch als bei längeren Texten.

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