Dear reader,

This weblog has had its fair share of phases of total inactivity, and again it has not seen anything posted by its author, that is by me, in a long while because I have not been doing well. Of course I am not going into any detail here. The question is simply whether I even wish to continue maintaining this weblog, since I have always felt that my thoughts are at best only of minor interest to its readers. But then again, this may only be my subjective, selective perception heavily influenced by my recurrent depression. As of now, I have not reached any final conclusion as to the matter.
What little creativity I could manage has gone into musical compositions; apart from this, I have not written a single word of creative work. I feel both emotionally and intellectually exhausted, devoid of sense and purpose. I cannot think of anything else to say right now.

So long,



Henceforth, I am going to republish some philosophical articles I originally published on Tumblr. The articles mainly deal with epistemology and scepticism. I decided to do this because I was asked by one of my Twitter followers to share my thoughts on Edmund L. Gettier’s notorious paper ‘Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?’. Since I refer in my article on Gettier’s paper to a former article of mine, however, I consider it useful to republish it in its original context with my other articles.

Furthermore, I hope to be able to provide English translations of my short stories soon. I have had this in mind for some months now, but I was always distracted by other work to be done. I now should have the required time to spare, however.

Last but not least, I shall also add more philosophical vocabulary to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ site.


After a long time, I have finally found the time to make several amendments and long due updates to this weblog.

I have reduced the number of available options in the side menu in favour of easier orientation. I removed, for instance, the tag cloud, because you can search texts according to the same criteria by means of the category search.

Furthermore, I have switched most of the contents and menus to (British) English, partly paralleled by German translations. The main reason for this is that most of my readers live in countries where English is the first language, and the statistics show that there are also several international readers. I shall hence provide English translations for each originally German text but not necessarily vice versa.

Moreover, I have finally finished and uploaded an English translation of the ‘Über dieses Weblog’ (‘About this Weblog’) page, which proved rather difficult, since the text is full of intricate, subtle technical terms and expressions. Another difficulty to deal with was the philosophical context, which often required ingeniousness, as even extensive dictionaries seldom provide adequate translations of expressions in texts in which each ever so slight a change of words can change the entire interpretation to something not intended at all. I am still not fully satisfied, but suffice it for the time being.

Last but not least, I have added a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page. On the one hand, some specific search terms entered into search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so forth, direct people to this weblog; I do not want too many people to get frustrated by clicking a link directing to this weblog, as I know how annoying it is to be directed to myriads of pages in vain. On the other hand, I use a quite large number of technical, or at least not commonly familiar, terms and expressions in my articles; I want my weblog to provide readers with the required knowledge as much as possible, so I shall attempt to explain basic and central terms and expressions in a short but precise manner, partly also providing historical backgrounds as to specific concepts such as ‘patriarchy’.

I also noticed that although many people read this weblog, discussions about the topics I deal with are rare. Indeed, half of all the comments are my own, resulting naturally from my reacting to comments by readers.

Please let me know both how you like the changes I have made so far, and why there is so little discussion despite of a quite large number of readers. Thank you very much in advance!