From the Lost Notes of the Deep Dweller’s Shipyard [Fragment #15/The Escape Note]

Though the edges are rough, the main body of the note remains intact. Despite the haste in which the words were written, the letters are, unlike those on the last note but this, easily readable. It may be a sign either for the note’s importance or that it has never been found by the person to whom it was written.

I cannot wait any longer now. I must make a move. The dark closes in on this place, and the others will soon be coming after me. They may still be feasting on that which has been left in the wake of the slaughter ensuing the ritual, but their hunger appears insatiable. The other day I heard one of them murmur something about a silent song while tearing a still somewhat alive victim to pieces. I do not know why you have not met me here; I do not wish to assume the worst; I do not want to leave you behind; I love you more than anything, yet if I stay, I, too, shall perish, and if you should still be alive, somehow, somewhere, it would have all been for nothing. If you find this, I will be gone. Come after me as soon as you can. I love you so much that it hurts.

Rote Flut (Red Flood)

After a long time, I have finally written a new poem in German. Please scroll down for an English translation.

Auf der Stirne liegt ein Degen,
balanciert auf dem Gesicht.
Es sieht aus nach rotem Regen,
Sturmfront gegen Gleichgewicht.

Küßt du mich, dann muß ich sterben;
hälst du mich, seh ich das Licht;
meine Sicht wird rot sich färben,
so die Welt in Scherben bricht.

Schiffe wollen Anker werfen,
transportiern ein großes Heer;
soll ein Schmied den Degen schärfen,
bringt gewiß das rote Meer.

Auf der Stirne lag ein Degen;
aus dem Gleichgewicht der Nacht,
hat er, mit der Strömung Segen,
endlich rote Flut gebracht.

[English translation:
A sword is lying on the forehead,
balanced on the face.
It looks like red rain,
storm front against equilibrium.

If you kiss me, I must die;
if you hold me, I shall see the light;
my sight is to be coloured red,
as the world shatters into pieces.

Ships want to cast their ankers,
transporting a huge host;
a blacksmith shall whet the sword,
for certainly, it shall bring the red sea.

A sword was lying on the forehead;
from the balance of the night,
it has, with the blessing of the current,
finally brought a red flood.]


I looked you up and down in pieces,
Shivering anopheles,
Beneath the unbridged water nieces,
Yonder in the pale blood seas.

Why did you wake me from my slumber,
Hiding, resting, falling? – Steep.
I sacrificed myself, succumbed to
Darkness where the angels weep.


Smile, sweet love, bring on the light
Into this never-ending dark.
Your eyes pervade the foggy night
And warm my broken, frozen heart.

Smile, sweet love, and do not fear,
I shall protect you from the storm.
No harm can reach you here, my dear,
And from your shine hope is reborn.

Smile, sweet love, you do not know
Just what you are, what you can do.
Forget about your childhood’s woe,
And trust me, I shall see you through.

Sometimes, I meet people, especially girls and women, who completely underestimate their true potential – which makes me sad. Indeed, this poem was inspired by someone like this. But I shall try to make you see. This is a promise.



Somewhere behind the clouds the sun is shining. But no sunshine, regardless of its brightness or warmth, even if it made it through, could ever loosen the iron grip of the cold embrace of the darkness within me.