No Hope in Hell

There is not a hope in hell,
Since hell does not exist.
There is no place for gods to dwell,
Just smoke and mirrors, mist.

The blind seek shelter in the night,
In mysteries of old.
The unexplained is their delight,
Thus, sceptics they will scold.

But reason cannot be undone,
And truth shall yet prevail.
Religion will be dead and gone,
And science be our sail.

Broken Glass

Edges of my dreams formed mirrors,
blank in line with solid steel.
But the tide went with the river –
leaving broken dreams to flee.

Nigh the eve of all but once,
demons fly these nightmares’ nest.
What’s been said and what’s been done
runs in quivers through my chest.

Eye to eye, but ne’er to face,
without reason, without rhyme,
whispers in the cold embrace:
voices calling – all but mine.

See the dark breath’s star arisen,
bloodless stares the crimson moon.
Past and present are forgiven,
future gone to hell at noon.