Starting over? (Feedback, please)

I am seriously considering starting over under a different username – a pen name I came up with today, actually. The reason behind it is not the depressed idea I sometimes get that everything I have ever created is irrelevant or worse, worthless. The other day I almost arrived at the point where I would have erased everything I published here and burnt any physical copies I could have found. The moment passed, though it was a particularly strong urge. The reason is rather that my identity here is compromised because people who know me in real life know that this is my website. I used to think that this would never become a problem because I am not ashamed of anything I have published here. The downside is, however, that I can never publish anything about anyone they and I know, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. I have never used the internet to publicly denounce anyone I know in real life or otherwise, and I am not planning to do so any time in the future, but you never know what someone could misinterpret, which, in turn, could get me into trouble with people in real life.
On the other hand, I do not wish to bar those who know me in real life from my creative work on the internet.
While I do not wish to delete this weblog, I also see no way of permanently managing two weblogs at the same time. I once tried, and we all know how that worked out. I could never publish that which I publish on the one weblog on the other, and thus would never know where to publish what. Starting over would mean that if I do not delete it, I would have to abandon this weblog. The safest bet would be to delete it, of course, as it could become a factor in compromising my identity all over again at any time.
Anyone following me here who does not know me in real life could email me, so I could give them the new information privately, but I would need you to promise me to never compromise my identity (and keep that promise, for otherwise I would be screwed). This is serious business, and I am about to put it into the hands of strangers on the internet. What am I thinking, anyway? Regardless, I am inclined to start over, but undecided about the entire matter, especially as to the details.
I would appreciate your feedback more than ever. What do you think?