Shattered leaves from sheltered trees
They dry the bloodstains on the ground
To conquer all but seven seas
And kill what makes us safe and sound

I know, I know there is no time
Thus all falls to the river’s flood
For in our first breath lies our crime
Cleansed and washed away like mud

Shattered dreams from sheltered sleep
A memory stinging day and night
To fall apart where widows weep
And vulnerable to the light

I know, I know there is no space
Thus rain will drown our stifled cries
For this will always be the place
Where there’ll be no sun to rise


You are a fickle thing to hold and keep together,
Thus shards of you escape my best attempts.
And just when I thought you were here with me,
It would appear that you had kissed into the sky
With orange light, the wildest cloud formations,
And every single bit of I know not how or why.

This poem was inspired by a very strange looking, beautiful evening sky; unfortunately, I was driving at the time and therefore could not photograph it.