Shattered leaves from sheltered trees
They dry the bloodstains on the ground
To conquer all but seven seas
And kill what makes us safe and sound

I know, I know there is no time
Thus all falls to the river’s flood
For in our first breath lies our crime
Cleansed and washed away like mud

Shattered dreams from sheltered sleep
A memory stinging day and night
To fall apart where widows weep
And vulnerable to the light

I know, I know there is no space
Thus rain will drown our stifled cries
For this will always be the place
Where there’ll be no sun to rise

Where the Oceans Die

Wheresoever the winds and the sands of time may take us, at the bottom of my heart you shall find shelter; neither thunder nor lightning, neither wind nor rain shall reach you there, let alone cause you any harm. And in case we should lose touch, just know this: where the oceans die in the sun’s last ray, I shall wait for you.