The Vanity of Hope

And once more my feelings subside, as though they were not mine, or just a blurry dream from the distant past, unreal and far away.
I am out of touch with myself, knowing I do not belong here. No matter how often the sun return, I shall always end up alone in the dark.
The vanity of hope is a vice which can not be forgiven. The vicious mistress tempts us just so as to devour us, and then give rebirth to us in despair and disgust time and again.


Als Lebender geboren unter Leichen,
gehör ich nicht zu meinesgleichen;
von Anfang an dazu bestimmt,
die Toten zu begleiten –
im Meer der Hoffnungslosigkeiten schwimmt
ein Traum aus Eitelkeiten.

Das Menschenleben ist ein Haifischbecken,
um jede Ecke lauern Schrecken;
das Alter, das den Leib bezwingt,
und Elend tausend Namen –
wie immer auch ein Mensch die Zeit verbringt,
erfährt er kein Erbarmen.

[Born as a living among corpses,
I do not belong to my own kind;
determined from the outset
to accompany the dead –
in the sea of hopelessnesses floats
a dream of vanities.

Human life is a shark tank,
horrors lurking around every corner;
age defeating the body,
and misery a thousand names –
in whatever manner a human may spend their time,
no mercy will be upon them.